Saturday, September 23, 2006

okay, the invite list.

the reasonables:
Robyn Wiegman
Gary Gereffi
my parents
my sister
all my friends

the slightly-to-very unreasonables:
Katrin Kuhlmann and Ritu Sharma, my old bosses at Women's Edge Coalition
Naomi Klein (author of No Logo)
Anna Wintour (Vogue)
Bono and Ali Hewson ("the" bono, and his lesser-known wife, who started their ethically sourced fashion label - Edun)
M.I.A. (Sri Lankan hip hop/dance hall artist)
Daniel Miller (consumer theorist)
Dan Henkle (Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Gap, Inc.)
Tyra Banks (Victoria's Secret model)
Jennifer Baumgardner (third wave feminist)
Donna Haraway (cyborg theorist/my heroine)
President Brodhead
Big Daddy (my deceased grandfather)

I might add more later.